Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet
Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet

Le Livre d’orgue de Carpentras : œuvres de Louis Archimbaud (1705-1789), Etude et transcription (ms. 1023 Bibliothèque Inguimbertine de Carpentras), Paris, Combre, 2009, 235 p.

The Organ Book of Carpentras consists of seven handwritten music books contained in a large folder with many other composers, all under the designation "MS 1023", one of the many treasures that the Library Inguimbertine contains. Carpentras, a small town in the south of France is located 25 km north-east of Avignon and it was, like the latter city, a papal dependence until the French Revolution, with all the implied influences. The manuscript of the Organ Book of Carpentras contains 408 pieces including a sizeable number of duplicates, more or less varied. The vast majority is reduced in size to fit easily liturgical constraints. From this excessive volume of these verses, we selected 289 pieces to represent as closely as possible the different facets of the composer, even if this choice inevitably involves a degree of subjectivity and personal preference. The selected set is analysed musically, instrumentally and liturgically. Transcription respects the most logical order, preludes-offertories-elevations.

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